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Textbook for Orange software

The Czech textbook was written under the project. The textbook is manual for practical work in the data mining software Orange. The various methods are practised on different data, including European Union data.

Dobešová, Z.: ORANGE, Manual for Data Mining course practise (Praktický návod do cvičení předmětu Data Mining), Palacky University in Olomouc, 2022, 119 p., ISBN 978-80-244-6086-4, DOI: 10.5507/prf.22.2440864

Text of textbook for download.

Data and workflow of textbook for download.


The EU GEODAT ANALYSIS AND VISUALIZATION workshop takes place on 11 November 2021 as part of the weekly block of POOL lectures at the Department of Geoinformatics in the GIS computer room.

Record of workshop
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